Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy St Patricks Day

Daily Draw


Exploring wildness

Luminosity triggers it
A wild moon rises
Pain and blood and fangs
Fur and howling and wolfen guises

You need to weave a balance between your own nature and the nature of the outside world.

For the first time in my life, measures of balance are  capable of happening. Our wild nature helps us to feel truly alive. The nature of the outside world has a soothing and calming effect on my soul. It has been a long while since I indulged in being outdoors because of the weather. My wild inner nature has helped my creativity to bloom again.

We need to stop being fearful of our own inner nature, it is who we are. It is what helps us to survive in this crazy world. We hide ourselves away, we put parts of ourselves into compartments that we rarely ever visit or let that part of ourselves out. There is no need to be ashamed of any aspect of ourselves.

Friday, March 16, 2018


Parenting is not an easy job. There are sometimes when a parent must say no. It hurts telling your child no, even an adult child. Yes, family is always supposed to be family. But sometimes it takes people a long time to forgive others and their actions especially when that person has done nothing but help the one(s) who showed no appreciation.

People can only be pushed so far. People can only be used so much before there becomes a boundary that may not be able to be crossed over. Words have power even when they may be said in anger. Things can eventually be forgiven but not always forgotten. Some things just take time.

I warned you of the possibility and you didn't listen, which is something you have a tendency to do a lot of. Hopefully in time you can see the situation for what it is from someone else point of view other than just your own. And you can forgive as well.

I stopped playing peace maker along time ago, no one paid any attention to it. There are consequences for our actions and that is what is happening now. That person is having to face the consequences for things said and done.

A parent is not always able to go and do as asked sometimes because of illness or other reasons but there is no reason to get mad over it. There have been times when you couldn't do something either because you just wasn't able. But it was never held against you.

Being an adult isn't always easy neither is it fun. There is going to come times when you yourselves are faced with some hard decisions and you're going to have to make a choice. And that choice is going to hurt someone you love. It's going to be unavoidable.

And if you feel you must punish us by being minus from our lives then that is your decision. It is not one we would like to have happen but you are going to do what you are going to do. You always have. We want you to be a part of our life but we cant force it, same goes for the grand kids.

Daily Draw


The eternal cycle begins here

Tis not the end
Though I may pass in the night
I get to do my time over
Although you may get a fright

It simply means something is falling away. There is great power in this clearing.

In death people are only concerned with what they have lost, not what they may be gaining in the disguise of death. Somethings are beyond our control no matter what. Death is something we cant control. Instead of grieving over what is gone and will never return what does this passing bring you that is new?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

3 Card Draw



the sand in his mouth
the bandages wound
Jealous of the living
Eternal life bound

Know that change is inevitable and that no matter how hard you try, things will not be preserved exactly the same way.

I always wanted things to change but stay the same. I couldn't have both and having both would do me no good. There is a reason why change(s) come into our lives. Obviously, I am still fighting these changes because this Mummy has been persistent in being a part of my reading today. 


Where all things pause and begin again.

Another realm, shadow filled
Travel from death's bed
Where we stop and transform
Within the realm of the dead

Consider exactly what you need in your life to transform it into one of authenticity.  Space is being made into which you can create the new.

Life changes is something that will always continue and go on. You never truly reach the End even in death you are transformed into a new life, way of being. Now, is the opportunity to pause and figure out what changes will benefit this transformation the most.


The most magical hour of all

The dark it envelopes me
The witching hour awaits
True magic and enchantment
And spells that change fates

Know that it is important to recognize that we all have darkness within us just as we have light and this isn't something to hide from.

It is reminding me what I need not to do which is run from my dark side like I have all of my life because others weren't comfortable with it. I was told my gifts and abilities were from the dark side of nature and therefore I needed to be ashamed of what I was. I can be very blunt and cruel even to myself and I need to remind myself to seek balance within. To remember that not all is lost even with myself.

Tying Together All 3

Life is an ever revolving door of learning, experiencing and changes that wont ever end even when we cross over there is more changes that we must learn from. Fighting change is like fighting a sinking ship, its going to happen no matter what it just depends on how fast, how much, and how deep they go. At some point I have to quit running and say okay I get it, I accept it and learn to deal with it rather than hide my head in the sand and hope it will go away or that someone else will make it go away for me.

Sometimes life has to be cruel to be kind. Sometimes there is no easy way around things. Sometimes we're not given the option of letting go. Spirit made us the way we are for a reason. Sometimes it is as simple as looking out our own back door. But not all darkness is scary or a bad thing. We learn even from our darkest moments.

Quit looking at your life as a problem instead look to the future as possibilities.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Going Into Business

As some of you who read here know I am a published author and also a book reviewer.

I have went back and forth with myself over the industry, publishers, authors and everything in between thinking do I or don't I? I had a publisher who went bad and the commotion and turmoil it caused with the other authors of that publishing house was traumatic to me. It actually caused me to give up writing for several years.

But writing is a part of my soul, it's in my blood and refuses to go away or leave me alone. I have re-embraced the role of author. I have a short YA paranormal published called Burnt Offerings. Then I have a collection of poems published as well titled Poem Weaver.

I also have quite a bit of flash fiction and a couple of short stories listed on my website titled:

Through The Eyes Of A Writer   (Link)

I am also a lover of movies and have a few movie reviews posted as well. I have reviews of books on my blog you can check out. Please be sure to follow me, leave a few kind comments if you visit. In the coming weeks I will be putting together a mailing list if you would like to be added to it. I will announce when I have that up and running.

Daily Draw


The sand in his mouth
The bandages wound
Jealous of the living
Eternal life bound

Change is inevitable. But the changes coming are for the better.These changes will bring to light old patterns, bad habits, ways that didn't serve your life or happiness.

I am not surprised. The spirits dont need to pound this into my head this time. This is something I am embracing. I have adopted my middle son R's out look on worry, worrying, there is no need in it because it isn't going to change the situation or the outcome of said situation you find yourself in. All worry does is eat at your health, mental state, emotional state. It causes things to be worse. And before hand I was one of the Biggest worriers in the world. That could have been my first name. But not now. I have adopted the belief that the Universe has my back.

I dont allow other peoples opinions to get to me the way they use to. I dont allow other peoples drama to string me out like I use to. Change isn't always a bad thing. It may seem that way at first but there is always a silver lining somewhere in it. You just have to look for it./